There’s something amazing about using the sun’s rays
to power your home.

Add solar power to your home and save

Solar power is one more way that homeowners can have more control over their energy future, while reducing carbon emissions, and improving air quality. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems can help you reduce your energy bills on average $1,750 per year.

SolarHomes Program rebate

Efficiency Nova Scotia offers incentives to make solar electricity more affordable than ever. The SolarHomes program helps Nova Scotians harness the sun’s energy by offering a rebate on approved solar PV systems.
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Available Solar PV System rebate

$0.60/Watt installed DC capacity
Max. rebate $6,000, up to 25% of eligible pre-tax system costs
Program rebate levels subject to change at any time
Getting started with solar energy

The SolarHomes program offers rebates to qualifying homeowners who have eligible photovoltaic (PV) systems installed by approved contractors. To be eligible for rebates, approval is required from Efficiency Nova Scotia prior to installing equipment.

Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. When you get approval from Efficiency Nova Scotia, you can be assured that a specific rebate amount will be offered to you within the timeline indicated in the approval (12 months).

Next Steps

Follow these simple steps to see the good things efficiency brings to your home through solar electricity.

Step 1

Review the SolarHomes Terms & Conditions, and the Nova Scotia Go Solar Guide Then, we recommend that you reach out to at least 3 approved solar installers for quotes. You can search our directory to find an approved installer. Look for this logo to ensure the installer is approved for participation in the SolarHomes program.

Contact your home insurance provider to ensure your proposed solar PV system is covered by your policy, and to see if there will be any changes to your policy/coverage.

Step 2

Get your chosen solar installer to complete the SolarHomes Approval Application along with the required supporting documents.

Step 3

Wait to receive confirmation from Efficiency Nova Scotia for approval for your rebate. Once approved, coordinate with your installer to proceed with purchase and installation of equipment.

Please note: You must receive approval before proceeding, and complete the installation within 12 months in order to receive your approved rebate.

Please ensure that you obtain all applicable permits and follow local building and electrical code requirements.

Step 4

Once installation and final electrical inspection are complete, get your solar installer to submit the SolarHomes Rebate Application as well as all required documents. Your rebate cheque will be processed as soon as possible. Please allow up to 8 weeks to receive your rebate cheque.

SolarHomes Approved Installers
Search our directory to find an approved installer to complete your solar installation.
We’re excited about using a renewable resource to power our home, and teaching our kids about sustainability at the same time.


The Smith family decided to explore the possibility of solar panels on their suburban detached single family home. They were eligible, and went through the SolarHomes program, receiving a rebate of $6,000* on the project. Designed to last at least 25 years, the system will offset CO2 emissions by 156 tons annually, the equivalent of taking 34 cars off the road yearly. Being enrolled in Net Metering allows them to get credited for any excess energy put back on the grid, allowing them to offset their energy costs with solar power, and save money for years to come

House Type: Detached single-family home
Year Built: 2001
Sq Footage:  1,865 sq ft.
Annual Savings: This system will reduce CO2 emissions by 125 tons annually, the equivalent of taking 27 cars off the road yearly.

Funding for the SolarHomes program

This solar program is funded by the Government of Canada’s $56 million-dollar commitment to Nova Scotia from the Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund. Efficiency Nova Scotia is administering the program for the province.

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