Green Heat


Heating makes up half the energy bill in most Nova Scotian homes, making it the single largest use of energy for most of us. Efficient heating systems can save you money, by using less energy.

If you heat with electricity, you can receive rebates (up to $1,900) or low interest financing (2% up to $15,000 for five years) to help install:

  • Wood or pellet heating equipment
  • A heat pump
  • Solar air heating
  • Solar domestic water heating

Apply online with the Green Heat Pre-Approval Form, or contact us at 1-877-999-6035.
Please have your electricity bill available when you call.


Improve your heating efficiency, and reduce your waste – wasted energy, money, and pollution.

Save your money: By upgrading your home heating products, you can save up to $3,500 a year. Upgrade your water heating products, and the savings climb higher still – up to $4,000. See how much you can save with the Space/Water Heating Cost Comparison Chart

Stay comfortable: While your home may already be well-designed, upgrading your heating system can keep your house warmer and more comfortable in every room – for less money.

Save our environment: Because every kilowatt of electricity you use is up to 70% fossil fuel-based, any upgrade you make to your heating system is also an upgrade to our environment.  Cutting your power use immediately cuts greenhouse gas emissions in Nova Scotia.


We can help you with rebates and financing if you:

  • Use electricity to heat your home 
  • Get pre-approval before purchasing and installing products

Apply: Green Heat Pre-Approval Form

Please note: without pre-approval, you will not qualify for rebates and financing.

More information:

Specific requirements:

  • Homes must be existing (at least six months past the occupancy permit), single-family homes; including detached homes, row houses, duplexes, and mini homes.
  • The home’s heating system(s) must be set up to provide all, or the majority, of the home’s heating and hot water from electricity (electric baseboards, electric furnaces/boilers, electric thermal storage, electric water heater).
  • Homes with heat pumps are only eligible if the existing heat pump has ceased to function and must be fully replaced. A letter from a heat pump contractor must be submitted along with this application indicating what components of the current heat pump are damaged.
  • All rebates or financing must be pre-approved. If a system is purchased and/or installed before pre-approval is given, assistance will not be provided.
  • Participants must install all equipment as well as all peripheral equipment required to operate the system (stove/insert, chimney, venting, required safety features, etc.). Installations must meet all applicable codes.
  • Furnace ducts and hot water pipes being installed should be kept within the building envelope. If this is not an option, pipes and/or ducts must be properly sealed and insulated.
  • Efficiency Nova Scotia reserves the right to decline rebates and/or financing where it is determined that the system will not meet performance potential.
  • Equipment must be new, installed and in service, and all rebate documents received within 6 months of pre-approval, or within 60 days for financing. Legible copies of receipts and photos of exterior and interior of the system must be included with the final completion form.
  • Applicant must be the owner of the home that is to receive heating upgrades and must be willing to complete a survey or receive an inspection of the home, which may occur before, during or after the equipment is installed.
  • Homeowners must allow Efficiency Nova Scotia to gain energy usage information from their utility.
  • Participation in the Home Energy Assessment program precludes homeowners from receiving rebates for the same upgrades in other Efficiency Nova Scotia programs. Only rebates from one program will be issued for any particular measure.
  • If you have previously participated in the Home Heat program and are planning more work in the future, you are welcome to participate again after a minimum of 6 months has passed since the issuance of your incentive payment.


The Green Heating program offers rebates up to $1,900 or low interest financing (2%) up to $15,000 for five years to help cover the cost of new equipment and installation.

If you choose rebates:

  1. Submit the Green Heat Pre-Approval Form with one written quote for the equipment you are planning to install.
  2. Efficiency Nova Scotia will contact you confirm your eligibility and approval.
  3. If you receive approval, purchase and install your new equipment.
  4. Submit the Green Heat Completion Form and required documentation within 6 months of your pre-approval date.
  5. Your rebate cheque will be sent by mail (allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing).

If you choose financing:

  1. Submit the Green Heat Pre-Approval Form with one written quote for the equipment you are planning to install.
  2. Efficiency Nova Scotia will contact you confirm your eligibility and approval.
  3. If approved, you can apply for credit through Efficiency Nova Scotia.
  4. If approved for financing, purchase and install your new equipment.
  5. Submit the Green Heat Completion Form and required documentation within 60 days of your credit approval.
  6. We will visit your home to verify your installation.
  7. We will pay your contractor within 6 to 8 weeks of receiving your documents. Your credit payments to TD will then begin.

[This is an image of a chart about equipment type and their maximum rebate amount.]


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