Nova Scotia is leading the way in Canada, in more ways than one.


For the third year in a row, Nova Scotia is Canada’s number one exporter of lobster and seafood, helping to secure the economic future for our coastal and rural fishing communities. So, how can Efficiency Nova Scotia add to the success to hold the spot as the number one lobster and seafood exporter in Canada? The answer is energy efficiency. In fact, Nova Scotia is leading the way in this, too.

Efficiency Nova Scotia has helped numerous seafood processing facilities not only save energy and money by upgrading equipment, but their upgrades have come with additional operational benefits too, including:

  • Extended pump life
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Optimized water treatment and flow control
  • Optimizing aeration of holding tanks and reduced stress on lobster; and
  • Consistent temperatures in freezers and cold storage
Consistency in the temperature of freezers and cold storage

There are many ways to increase energy efficiency, save money and experience added benefits in the seafood processing industry. Simple actions, such as adjusting refrigeration control settings, can save significant amounts of energy with little to no investment. Plus, it adds consistency in the temperature of freezers and cold storage. Other measures such as upgrading to efficient lighting provide sound return on investments too.

Capital Seafood International, who processes and exports lobster across the world from Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, has seen great success from their energy efficiency upgrades. They need to cool incoming ocean water to approximately 1°C to keep their lobster fresh while in holding tanks when fishing season ends. Most of their cooling is done through heat exchangers, while the remainder is done using refrigeration equipment.

With rebates from Efficiency Nova Scotia, Capital Seafood International incorporated efficient refrigeration equipment and a heat exchanger into their new building, saving 721,375 kWh a year. This equates to $63,216 annual savings in electricity costs.

Working with Efficiency Nova Scotia on energy-saving projects is really a no brainer

When asked about his experience partnering with Efficiency Nova Scotia, Alex Churchill, Operations Manager at Capital Seafood International said, “Working with Efficiency Nova Scotia on energy-saving projects is really a no-brainer. They are serious about helping companies build and upgrade their equipment in the most modern, efficient way. I really can’t think of a reason why someone would not explore working with Efficiency Nova Scotia.”

High Liner Foods have also seen success through their energy efficiency upgrades. A combination of rising electricity costs and High Liner Food’s keen interest in innovation and environmental sustainability, prompted their maintenance team to consider a major lighting retrofit at their Lunenburg site in 2013. However, the high capital investment needed to obtain the desired savings presented an obstacle.

With help from Efficiency Nova Scotia’s incentives, they were able to upgrade their lighting retrofit and investigate other opportunities for energy efficiency. Through retrofitting interior and exterior lighting, High Liner Foods was able to reduce their electrical usage by over 550,000 kWh leading to an annual dollar savings of $55,000.

Continuing to partner with Efficiency Nova Scotia, High Liner Foods is upgrading their refrigeration controls and additional lighting. This is estimated to save them 900,000 kWh, equating to savings of over $92,000 annually. The project is estimated to be completed by the end of 2018 and have a payback period of only 2.2 years.

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